The Body Shop Tea Tree Oil


A few weeks ago I was visiting one of my friends in NYC / New Jersey and because I have to go to a mall wherever I go, we decided to go and one of our last stops was The Body Shop.

I never shop at The Body Shop. I typically like to keep the products I use on my body simple and scent free. I use oils like Grapeseed, Almond, and Coconut to moisturize my body and face so going to The Body Shop wasn’t on my list of places I needed to go. But my friend loves it. She buys all their body butters and several of their skincare products (which I didn’t even know they sold).

When we first walked in, one of the first things I noticed was their Tea Tree Oil line which includes a number of products like Tea Tree Skin Clearing Face Wash, Tea Tree Mattifying Lotion, Tea Tree Targeted Gel, of course Tea Tree Oil, and more.

At the time I was dealing with a few breakouts (from stress) and needed to try something to speed up the process of them being gone foeva (word to Cardi B.) so while in The Body Shop, I thought why not give tea tree oil a try again.

Yes, again.

I’ve tried tea tree oil in the past and it never worked for me. I always bought a brand that you would have to dilute yourself, and I would never do it right and end up either burning my skin from not enough water, or not feeling it working because of too much water.

It was a lot.

But this time, I was desperate. I started using a BHA earlier this year (post later to come) and that had been keeping my breakouts at bay for the longest, but for some odd reason (maybe because I was traveling so much and not able to take travel size versions of all my skincare products) it wasn’t working. I was breaking out like crazy.

I bought the mini size (10ml) of the tea tree oil because it was $10 and I figured if it doesn’t work then it’s just $10, not a big loss.

So lets fast forward, I started using it religiously when I got back from NY and let’s just say girl… results. I actually text my friend the other day and told her how upset I was that I didn’t take before and after pictures for this post because to believe it, you have to see it… but for now just trust me.

The test was on the huge pimple I had on the left side of my cheek. My expectations were low because like I mentioned previously, tea tree oil just never worked for me.

But, the pimple on my face was gone in 3 days.

Needless to say, I was shook and shocked.

The great thing about the tea tree oil from The Body Shop is that it already comes diluted, so you don’t have to worry about mixing equal parts of anything. Also, if you’ve never used tea tree oil, you should know that it has a strong smell and tingles a bit when you put it on your problem area but other than that I’m giving this particular one 10s across the board!

I definitely plan on going back to try more of the skincare products from The Body Shop. If you’ve tried any let me know!


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