paddywax candles, apothecary, rosemary , sea salt

The other day my co-workers and I were on the way to pick up lunch and had some time to spare so I had to stop in Retro Metro – this super cool speciality item shop in Frederick, MD – to pick up a few of my favorite candles.

If you’re reading this and know me well, then you know I keep candles all around my apartment. Candles are so soothing, they help calm you, clean the air in your space, and sleep better at night. I especially love to light candles – these Rosemary & Sea Salt ones specifically – when I am taking a Lavender and Epson Salt bath. I will line the bathtub with these and the warm water mixed with this amazing scent relaxes me and sometimes put me right to sleep!

Yes, I know falling asleep in the bathtub can be dangerous but these candles are life!

I’ve introduced so many people to these candles, so if you’re into candles like me then you should definitely check these out. The scent of these can be described as soft and clean. I’m not a fan of anything with a strong flowery scent so these are perfect for me. If you go to the Paddywax website, you’ll find these under the Herbal + Green section.

This is the smallest size and actually have a long burn life. I’ve burned them all through the night before and they still are able to be burned a few extra days. I purchased these for $4.95 so you want to find a shop to purchase them because the 2oz can on the Paddywax website is $21.oo.

What are some of your favorite candles?


  1. I like to light candles when I cook dinner and eat dinner with my boyfriend. It adds that extra intimate feeling. I especially love candles around Christmas time.


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