Ok, so let’s talk about this mask!

I purchased this sample sized mask sometime in June or July when I was in NJ/NY along with a few other sample sized masks The Body Shop was offering. I have soooo many masks so a lot of them tend to sit until I want want to try something new or my skin is having a fit and I need something really specific.

I used this particular mask the other night because I just wanted to try something new, and let me tell you… the results I got, I was not expecting. When I first started to apply this mask, I won’t lie, I thought it would be the first and last time I’d use it. I know the name of the mask is Ethiopian Honey, but I wasn’t expecting it to be the literal thick consistency of honey. Luckily I apply my masks with a brush because as I was applying it , it felt so sticky on my face I was so over it, but I couldn’t give up because I had already started to apply it and I am not the type of girl to waste my coins.

The directions say to keep the mask on for 5-10 minutes but I kept it on for about 30 minutes because I was running my mouth on the phone and forgot I had it on. If you’re a person who typically uses cold water on your face, I would suggest rinsing this off with warm water because it is thick and I think the warm water breaks the mask down.

After I rinsed and wiped my face down with a toner, I felt very eh about how my skin looked. It didn’t look any different than before the mask so I immediately wrote it off as something I probably wouldn’t purchase again… but sis… patience is indeed a virtue because when I woke up the next morning my skin was GLOWING, ok!

And not only was my skin glowing but it felt sooooo soft! I know it’s not good to keep touching your face but I didn’t want to stop because I couldn’t believe how great it felt.

If you’ve noticed, our skin usually looks better in the morning because its had time to repair itself, get rid of dead skin and renew skin cells throughout the night without us picking at our faces and sans environmental factors. But the glow I experienced was a different type of glow than I’m used to. My skin looked the way it looks after I apply my Grapeseed oil (which I use as a moisturizer).

I tried to get some pics but the lighting in my place is awful and the pics just didn’t do my skin any justice, but trust I tried to get proof!

I actually realized after I used this and when I was searching for a mask to use a few nights later, that I bought two of these sample size Ethiopian Honey masks, so I will for sure be using this again. If I get the same results the second time, I will FOR SURE be purchasing this in the full size!



What are some of your favorite masks? Give me some suggestions to add to my collection!




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