Winter is here and my skin has been going through it! I moved to a new state not long ago and while my skin is typically it’s best in the winter, this year that hasn’t been the case. I’ve been experiencing dehydration, flakiness and breakouts and it’s annoying!

But before winter hit, there were a few products I was using that became some of my favs, are now empty and that I need so desperately to repurchase.

  • Son & Park Beauty Water: I think I wrote about this before but I originally didn’t really care for this product. When I first began using it, it broke me out, then I circled back to using it before and after my workouts and it still did nothing for me. When I went in for a third try (because third times the charm, right?) I used it at night sort of like a pre toner and I saw great improvements with my skin. I think this is due to the fact that the product was helping to lift the dirt that my face wash left behind and it was also prepping my skin for my toner. I’m both equally happy and sad that it took me over a year to like this product but once it ran out, I knew I needed to hit the buy button on Amazon QUICK!
  • Biore UV Sunscreen: Ok, if you read Korean skincare blogs you know this one is a cult favorite. I have ranted and raved about this is previous post which I’ll link here.
  • The Body Shop Tea Tree Oil: I have a dedicated post to this wondrous product. There is literally nothing in the worls that I have tried that has reduced the size and eliminated the visibility of my random breakouts like this one. I literally dab it on and in the morning, the zit is typically almost gone. Like I said above, I’ve been getting some crazy breakouts this winter, so I ran out of this faster than I would have liked to. I’ve already repurchased this ( It’s $10 at Ulta, btw), but I had to mention this one again… for the people in the back!
  • Mario Badescu Facial Spray with Aloe, Herbs, and Rosewater: So this is a new one for me, but when I tell you this spray is skin perfection in a bottle… listen! My skin may have been going through it, but this baby helped make things a lot better. I use this as a toner both at night and in the morning. The Aloe has really helped calm my skin, while the Rosewater aspect has helped to add some moisture and give me a really pretty glow. I have also repurchased this product already ($7 at ULTA). I think this will remain a staple in my routine forever!
  • Caudalie Beauty Elixir: I’ve written about this product in a previous post as well, but that was when I had just purchased it and maybe used it a few times. I’ll say this after using it until it ran dry… I can’t see myself not using this in my routine moving forward. This too is skin heaven in a bottle! I will say, I originally purchased the Mario Badescu facial spray because I ran out of this one and wanted to try something that 1. I heard everyone talking about how much they loved it, and 2. Was less expensive than the Caudalie. Even though I find the Caudalie to be a bit expensive (It’s $18 for a 1oz bottle and $49 for a 3.4oz bottle), I still want to continue to use this because it serves a different function for my skin than the MB facial spray. The beauty elixir has a calming agent that I haven’t found in another product. When my skin has been out of wack, feeling tight and looking dull, this has come to the rescue to turn things around pretty much overnight. This is one of those products I need to head to Sephora and repurchase. Maybe breakdown and pay $49 for the “bigger” bottle. I will add the cooling effect and the minty feel will have you wanting to spray this ALL the time because it’s SO refreshing!





What are some of the products you love that you absolutely have to go back and repurchase? 


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