The other day I went to Whole Foods for one thing (Alkaline water) and found myself down their beauty aisle. I may be a little late to the game but, I didn’t know that Whole Foods had such a large selection of hair care, body care, skin care and perfume products. When I initially when in for water, I ended up down the beauty aisle picking up only one other thing, the 365 Everyday Value Nourishing Grapeseed Oil.

Grapeseed oil is a staple in both my body and skin care routine. A few years back I gave up using lotion completely (I plan to do a dedicated post on this) and for a while I was using Almond Oil until I read about Grapeseed Oil being a lighter yet more moisturizing oil. I also credit Grapeseed oil for keeping my skin clear. I currently use the NOW brand 100% sensitive skin care Grapeseed oil but after I picked up the Whole Foods brand, not anymore!

I used the 365 Everyday Value Grapeseed Oil per usual after I got out of the shower the other night and I used it to moisturize my face the next morning and omg! I woke up the next morning and my skin felt so soft and moisturized and… nourished. I completely wasn’t expecting my skin to feel so soft, I literally couldn’t stop rubbing my arms and legs lol!

If I had to point out one main differences between the Now brand and 365 brand, it would be that the Now brand actually feels dry when you put it on your skin. As a caveat, my skin could be so used to that brand that now it just isn’t meeting my needs, but I honestly don’t ever remember a time when it felt as great on my skin as the 365 brand. The 365 brand is also a little thicker which I don’t mind because it’s winter and well… necessary.

A few posts back I wrote about how my skin had been really dehydrated lately, and during that time I was using the Now brand on my face as well. After I used the 365 band on my face the next day I noticed that my skin didn’t look dull and dried out. I actually had a bit of a glow and my skin didn’t feel textured and rough…

So I went back and bought another 4fl oz bottle (the full size wasn’t available). These bottles were on “sale” for $3.29. These won’t last me too long, but I was willing to pay the price after seeing the magic first hand.

When I went back for the second bottle, I ended up picking up some more items including these two masks by nügg and this cute little mini spray hand sanitizer by EO.

I’m typically a person that likes to have everything that I (or the people who I’m with) would possibly need on me at all times, hand sanitizer being one of them. The reason I bought this one, was 1. it was $1.99 and two the spray function. I hate buying a typical bottle of hand sanitizer only for it to accidentally open in my bag and spill all over my things. I’d need more hands to count how many times that has happened to me, so this spray function will be perfect. I also really love the French Lavender scent, it’s so fresh and relaxing!

Lately I’ve been a bit bored with some of the masks I currently own and I’ve been looking for something new to try, so I picked up these two nügg masks in deep hydration moisture boost and revitalizing energizing.

As a rule of thumb, I only buy masks for my personal skin care needs which is always typically moisture or revitalization related. According to the website, the deep hydration mask is “A mask for dry and sensitive skin that will smooth away flakes and reveal a dewy and smooth complexion.” Some of the main ingredients include Camellia Seed Oil which helps with the retention of moisture and Spirulina Extract (this is a surprising skin care ingredient to me… I take this internally), which acts as an anti-inflammatory, antioxidant, and reserves moisture for when your skin needs it.

When it comes to skincare, these are the things that really excite me!

The revitalizing and energizing mask is described as “the cooling face mask that will invigorate and help brighten your skin for a fresh, radiant & dewy complexion.” I’m here to confirm these things are TRUE. The two main ingredients are Flaxseed Oil (another surprising skin care ingredient, I also take this internally), which is also an antioxidant and helps to reserve moisture and Peppermint Oil which enhances blood flow for a healthy dewy glow.

I used this mask last night and I have to say at first I wasn’t too impressed. I thought this would be a clay mask but it is actually more on the consistency of lotion or moisturizer. If you’ve ever used the Tata Harper Resurfacing Mask (WHICH IS MY FAVORITE MASK OF ALL TIME) this mask reminds me of that, yet the consistency is different because the TH is more like jelly. I will say one of the things I didn’t like about this is that it doesn’t dry down like the TH mask. It just felt like moisturizer sitting on top of my skin and I wasn’t sure that it could actually be effective this way…

I was wrong.

I completed my regular routine, mask – Mario Badescu Spray, Spot treat with TBS Tea Tree Oil, Hemp Seed Oil for moisturizer and Origins Drink up Intensive Overnight Mask as an under eye creme. When I woke up the next morning my skin looked very clear, my pores were visibly smaller and I noticed that all my products had perfectly absorbed into my skin which is so important! There is no reason to use products if they are just going to sit on your skin, the absorption lets you know how your skin will react to a product. It also lets you know if your pores are too clogged to receive the products ingredients.

That’s beside the point, I’ve gotten lots of compliments today on how clear my skin looks. On average, I usually conceal my under eye circles, put on a little eyeliner, fix my brows and that’s it. Someone told me my makeup looked great today and I’m not even wearing any! I did notice this morning that after I moisturized with the Grapeseed Oil and applied my sunscreen, my skin looked air brushed… I was SHOOK!

This is my first impression review of the mask. I’m going to use it again and make sure I’m getting the same results before I put it in my skin care rotation, but for now, I’m definitely recommending this to try. Besides it was only $3.99 and has at least 3-4 applications in that little pod.






Let me know if you used the nügg masks before and what are some of your other favorite beauty products at Whole Foods?


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