The other day I was minding my business on Instagram when I was served an ad from Pixi Beauty with a message that basically told me I needed more skin care products and that I needed to buy them right now! The actual message was that I would get a free Glow Tonic (which is one of my FAVORITE toners of all time) with a purchase of any tonic AND free shipping on any order over $25.

Girl…I know my debit card is tired.

Anyways, I ordered the signature Glow Tonic which is a very gentle exfoliator that includes 5% of one of my favorite skingredients, Glycolic Acid. I also ordered the Vitamin-C Tonic, which I believe to be a new product in the Pixi Beauty family. If you read my post here, I recently purchased a Vitamin-C serum from The Ordinary, which I’m really liking. But, since the Pixi Vit-C tonic is more like a toner, I can use it both day and night and reap the benefits. Typically, I would use a Vitamin-C serum in my nighttime regimen as that’s when the skin undergoes its repair process and has more time to soak in and do the work. Now with the toner I can use it during the day which also neutralizes free radicals, protects against sun damage and increases cell production turnover.

I was really excited to see that Pixi Beauty has expanded their skincare line to include sheet masks. I love sheet masks. The amount of them that I have on hand at any given time is really ridiculous, like at this point I could start a sheet mask store. I ordered the Plump Collagen Boost masks, which I’m really excited to use. These masks include collagen and peptides to help improve and maintain skin elasticity, promoting firmer, healthier looking skin, according to the website.

I am so excited to use these products, I have literally been holding off on opening them to write this blog post lol! But considering Pixi makes some of my favorite products, I know I won’t be disappointed!





Let me know in the comments some of your favorite Pixi Beauty products!

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