In short, I’m breaking out sis.

For the last few months, I have been trying to get in the groove of a solid skincare routine, which I thought I had down until I recently started breaking out. I was being diligent – face wash, witch hazel or cleansing pad, toner water, moisturizer (SPF in the morning), and face oil. I used a liquid acid / exfoliant once a week on Sundays, Vitamin C serum once a week on Wednesdays, and a face mask (sheet or clay) on Friday’s. That’s it – I had my skincare down to a science.

But one day I looked in the mirror and saw some changes in my skin that I didn’t like. It appeared that my skin looked like it wanted to peel, but hadn’t so it just looked like a shiny piece of stretched skin sitting on my face, which led me to believe that none of my products weren’t properly penetrating my skin the way they needed to.

This all seemed to come in phases. First the shiny layer of skin, then my skin looked wrinkly and look sis, I’m too young to look old… and then came the small zits – that’s when I was completely over it.

I was looking in the mirror the other night and noticed that there were so many tiny bumps along my chin and jawline. If you’ve ever heard of face mapping, according to the map, the zits on my chin and jawline could mean a number of things – hormonal imbalance, stress, imbalance in the large intestine, colon, digestive system, or kidneys. Sounds like I’m dying or something, right? All of this could mean I may need to eat more fruits and vegetable and drink more water – or, what I think…my skincare products are really breaking me out.

But I don’t know. I’m Sway, and I don’t have the answers.

I really don’t know what to attribute to the sudden breakouts, what I do know is that I don’t like the way my skin looks right now, and in an effort to figure it out, I am simplifying my routine and drinking more water.

I decided to keep it simple: face wash, cleansing pads, toner water, moisturizer (SPF in the morning), oil, jade rolling. No acids, no serums, no masks (sheet or clay). I’m going to try this for at least a month – which means I won’t be buying any new products for a while – and trust me I have a LONG LIST of products I want to try and/or have tried and want to buy the full size.

Le sigh.

But, I’m dedicated to figuring out what’s going on with my face, be it my diet or the products… something has to give. Especially because if these breakouts stay too long, they need to start paying rent, okay!?

I’ll be honest, I’ve been a bit frustrated because my skin typically takes to anything. The one time I used a product and experienced a breakout, I was able to reverse it – but this time it’s different. I’m thinking about seeing an esthetician.

I’ll still be here recommending products to use, as this setback doesn’t change the fact that I’ve had success with some great products. And I’ll of course keep you posted on my skin health journey.

Pray for me!






Have you dealt with sudden breakouts? Let me know in the comments how you’ve healed your skin



  1. I am having breakout since 5 years ago until now. I don’t what to do anymore because I already have done a lot.


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