Hi! I’m Keiana or Kei as my friends call me, and I am a social media manager and blogger from Ohio (OH-IO). When I’m not building content and social media strategies, I am here writing about beauty products, online shopping way too much, or traveling.

I created this blog to chat with women just like me about some of my favorite things – like beauty products and wine – while sharing a bit of my personal life.


A few things about me:

I eat ice cream everyday 

My favorite country is Belgium 

Basketball season is my favorite time of the year – also when I’m most unavailable

I buy almost all my clothes and shoes from Boohoo or Zara 

Foodies Cabernet Sauvignon is currently my favorite red wine 

I can’t and won’t live without The Ordinary’s 100% Cold pressed Rose Hip Seed oil

My favorite app is Twitter 

Books are my favorite gifts

I never leave the house without my favorite lip balm – I also buy it in bulk