4th of July

Can we have an honest discussion about how the fourth of July should never fall on a Wednesday! I mean really, who wants to go back to work the day after a “holiday”? Needless to say I woke up this morning thinking I was out all weekend and Monday finally hit me. Please, let’s just throw the whole week away. Anyways, my 4th of July was a chill one filled with some shopping, great food and lots of drinks. The weather was perfect, the vibes were right, it was just an all around great day – but I think we can all touch and agree on how happy we are that it is Friday eve, right? 🙂 

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The weather in Dallas has been great lately, unfortunately it’s probably the last I will be outside because as the month of June is approaching so will the 100 degree days and I am not yet about that life. So what better thing to do then grab a drink and take some flicks. Also, this is the first time I’ve ever worn my natural hair out and I think I kind of like it. 🙂

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paddywax candles, apothecary, rosemary , sea salt

The other day my co-workers and I were on the way to pick up lunch and had some time to spare so I had to stop in Retro Metro – this super cool speciality item shop in Frederick, MD – to pick up a few of my favorite candles.

If you’re reading this and know me well, then you know I keep candles all around my apartment. Candles are so soothing, they help calm you, clean the air in your space, and sleep better at night. I especially love to light candles – these Rosemary & Sea Salt ones specifically – when I am taking a Lavender and Epson Salt bath. I will line the bathtub with these and the warm water mixed with this amazing scent relaxes me and sometimes put me right to sleep!