4th of July

Can we have an honest discussion about how the fourth of July should never fall on a Wednesday! I mean really, who wants to go back to work the day after a “holiday”? Needless to say I woke up this morning thinking I was out all weekend and Monday finally hit me. Please, let’s just throw the whole week away. Anyways, my 4th of July was a chill one filled with some shopping, great food and lots of drinks. The weather was perfect, the vibes were right, it was just an all around great day – but I think we can all touch and agree on how happy we are that it is Friday eve, right? 🙂 

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My only thought after this Chipotle run was that Maryland could really benefit from drive-thrus and bodegas. Super random I know… anyways, people are always asking me about this shirt I’m wearing here. I’m a late 80s baby and the first wave of kids that got to experience the greatness that was AOL, so when I saw it I knew I had to have it. If you don’t know what a/s/l means then you’re not old enough to be friends.

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The other day I took a little trip to New York to walk around, get a greater feel of the city and clear my mind. I took a few pictures on my mini trip and wanted to share! It was so dreary in New York, which made me a bit sad but I was still happy to be there just walking around, studying what people were wearing, observing and shopping.

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